Word that trip the light fantastic. Our talented copywriters and translators skillfully spin your message into meaningful content that informs, converts, or intrigues.

Gunslingers of the written word, they always hit their target. And that covers sustainability, IT, marketing, tourism, and more.

Meet our band of merry wordsmiths

Meredith Nikides

Slinging words for a living that
land with a satisfying boom.
Meredith translates (NL-EN) and
crafts sustainability, art, and
tourism-related copy.

Foto Sophie McConnell

Sophie McConnell

Impeccable IT translations
English to French

Foto Sacha Touw

Sacha Touw

Our capable Jane-of-all-trades for
Dutch to French translations

Foto Joy Philips

Joy Phillips

Language virtuoso, copywriter,
and translator NL-EN

Foto Anne Spitzmueller

Anne Spitzmüller

English to German IT translations
and edgedancing linguistic adept

Foto Oleg Shirikov

Oleg Shirokov

Our very own Tolstoyian genius
translator EN-RU

Foto Jonathan Deleuze

Jonathan Deleuze

Translator + copywriter NL-FR.
Loves what he does and does it
with pride.

Foto Elena Zaffaroni

Elena Zaffaroni

Creative gaming translator
English + Dutch to Italian

Foto Raffaele Tutino

Raffaele Tutino

Skilled software and website
translator, English to Italian

Foto Terence Kennedy

Terence Kennedy

Author, journalist, and IT translator
English to Dutch

Foto Elena Carbonell

Elena Carbonell

Tried-and-true translator from
English and Dutch to Spanish

Foto Deric Rocha

Deric Rocha

He’s always your guy for
translations from English to
Brazilian Portuguese

Foto Paul Croft

Paul Kroft

Freelance designer,
pretty much a babel fish

Foto Deborah do Carmo

Deborah do Carmo

Lawyer-linguist, specializing in
legal English in plain speech

Foto Maria Andersson

Maria Andersson

The Dutch to Swedish translator

Rik Schraag

Punchy, go-get-em translator and
flexible to a fault. German,
English, and Spanish to NL.

About Maverick

Our motley crew of copywriters, proofreaders, and translators guarantees that your message resonates with the target audience.

To do that, you get service with all the bells and whistles. So…does that mean free coffee?

Nope. But it does mean rapid response to inquiries, reliable availability, transparent communication, and strict confidentiality.

Oh! And by the way, I’m part of the motley crew. I don’t just chair the captain’s seat; I also translate English to Dutch content with razor-sharp precision and text appeal.

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Seriously, what good is a supplier who turns you down nine times out of ten? My extensive network guarantees a solution on time and on point.

Rik Schraag

Owner of Maverick Translations

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