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Looking for translations and content too good to put down? How about a hand up, right when you need it, where you need it, and without breaking the bank?

We craft the best translations and copy that converts. Ready for a darn good fix to your linguistic troubles?

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“Maverick Translations is a translation agency you can depend on. And working with them is a treat. They’re precise, flexible, deliver on time, brainstorm with you, and their rates don’t break the bank. In short: Maverick Translations is a must!”

Inez Weyermans

The City of Amsterdam

Your PR and marketing go-to for swift, savvy content

Eager to get your message across to an international audience deftly and effectively? Maverick Translations gets the job done. We’re ready and on-call to write, translate, proofread, and transcreate your content and ideas.

And for every project, I (👋 Hi! I’m Rik!) call on the perfect expertise from my network. Folks who craft words with precision, who don’t just know but get professional terminology and technical jargon – a motley crew of creative, articulate, and resourceful translators, proofreaders, and copywriters.

(MacGyver, Tolstoy, Kahlo, Bryson…we do diversity here!)

Availability is the key. Because seriously, what good is a translator or copywriter who turns you down nine times out of ten? We’ve got you covered all year round, with top-notch reserves on hand from every field. And we never leave you or your emails hanging.

For multilingual projects, we coordinate so that every translator and writer is on the same page. That saves you loads of time, money, and administrative headaches!

The Maverick Philosophy

Your words should always pack a punch, whatever the language. We cleverly and creatively mold your message to suck readers in and keep them captivated.

How do we stay on brand? What keeps us on our toes?
Personal contact. It’s at the root of every long-term, sustainable, enjoyable business relationship. Throw good communication, feedback, and flexibility into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

Meet the team

“Twenty years down the road, and translation and writing still get me fired up.”

Rik Schraag

Owner of Maverick Translations

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“At Maverick Translations, Rik is an accurate, speedy translator who also brainstorms with you to come up with fantastic, ingenious turns of phrase. We talk weekly, and the translation quality never disappoints. Five stars for Rik!”

Zeekhoe Communicatie


What about confidentiality...just how safe are my files with you?

Your privacy is paramount, and strict embargoes are strictly maintained. We take our cue from the LockPickingLawyer: your secrets are safe with us.

Can you translate directly into our CMS?

We frequently do. And that lets you know straight off just how much our customers trust us.

I need my translation sworn. Can you help?

Sworn translations entail a trail of red tape. And sometimes a road trip for the right stamps. The best thing you can do is find a sworn translator in your neighborhood. Click here to search by postcode.

Here’s a little something I wrote. I need to publish it on our international network. Can you help?

Sure! Our native speakers know how to spot a needle in a haystack (i.e., they’re pros at weeding out mistakes). And they’ll prune and trim your piece into a presentable, persuasive message while they’re at it.Tone. Syntax. Grammar. Word choice. Leave it to us.

How do you feel about post-editing and machine translation?

We deliver expert, hand-crafted translations. Consequently, all your content is handled by genuine flesh-and-blood folks. If worse comes to worst, we might use translation tech to jumpstart the little gray cells.

What file formats do you work with?

Adobe Indesign, PDF, awkward scrawling on the back of a beer coaster... We’re curious, and we aren’t stingy. If we haven’t got it in house or don’t know it, we’ll purchase and learn.

So, what language pairs do you work with?

You know sailors...they’ve got a sweetheart in every port. And at Maverick? We’ve got a translator for every language combination. It’s all about connections!

I trust you with my translations, but…do you do copy too?

Press releases, rebranding, blog posts, social media, you name it! Whether you hand us your own work to brush up on, a vague outline of what you’ve got in mind, or the briefing of our dreams: our copywriters are on standby to turn your content into gold.

Tell it to me straight. What'll it cost me?